Healthy Wildlife, Healthy Lives – A One Health Project

The ‘Healthy Wildlife Healthy Lives’ – A One Health Project aims to educate you about parasitic and other diseases in urban wildlife. You may know that you can catch diseases from wildlife. Did you know that you or your pets can give parasitic diseases to wildlife too? This can be through simple actions like feeding wildlife in the backyard. The project provides science based information on how to keep the wildlife you may meet in your backyard healthy.


What is One Health?

‘One Health’ is a global initiative that recognises the health of people, animals and the environment are all directly linked. ‘One Health’ promotes the health and wellness of all species. ‘One Health’ has become more important as people have more contact with wildlife. This contact has caused diseases that spread between animals and people to develop or re-emerge.


Reporting parasitic disease in wildlife

You can help researchers to improve the existing level of knowledge about parasitic disease in wildlife. If you are involved in wildlife rehabilitation, the Healthy Wildlife team invite you to report wildlife with suspected parasitic disease. The data will be used to improve wildlife health, conserve the environment, and encourage healthy interaction between people and unique wildlife.